Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Flat pack bread

Here's something I saw on a couple of other websites, all over the world artisan bread makers are overcoming their prejudices and making....bread from a kit.  I think it's basically the novelty of it.  After all, when you're looking for a wardrobe, a bed or an oddly shaped box for putting shoes in, pretty much the last thing you'd expect to see is s kit to make sour dough rye bread.
And then the thought starts to eat away at you.  It can't be any good.  Can it?  So before you know it, you're checking the price.  Hmm, £2.49 isn't a huge amount.  I could give it a go.  And before you know it, your trolley is full of loads of stuff you didn't know you needed and now you have to find some way to get it in the car.  Yes.  You've been hit by the Ikea effect.
The bread mix comes in a handy "just add water" milk carton kind of box. The instructions are  a little brief to say the least.

  1. Shake to loosen
  2. Add some water (I really can't remember how much - you just pour it into the box)
  3. Shake for 45 seconds (holding the top really tight)
  4. Put into a "small" tin and leave to rise for a bit.
  5. Bake for an hour.
So pretty much like, you know, bread.  Except for the assembling ingredients and kneading and, well, skill.
I have to say that the box itself looked rather unappetising when I opened it.
Hmm, kind of like sawdust with a few seeds in.
But I persevered - I'm used to stuff from Ikea looking a little unlikely when you get it home.
I followed the first three instructions when I noticed that I now had a kind of solid mass at the bottom and some wet sawdust looking stuff at the top.  Guess I didn't follow step 1 closely enough...
So...into a bowl and a good stir with a wooden spoon then to figure out what they meant by a "small" tin.  It seems they meant a 2 lb loaf tin.
And then it rose....and then I baked it.  And......you know what?  It's not too bad at all.
It tastes pretty much like a really fresh commercial rye loaf.  My "testing team" thought that I'd just nipped to the shops and bought one.  Which I guess is the effect you want from Ikea - any day where you end up with something that looks like the picture and no bits left on the floor is a good day.
If I was giving scores I'd give it an 9/10 for ease of making and maybe a 7/10 for taste.  Texture is nice and a few days later and there's surprisingly little left.

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